Sunday, March 11, 2012

What is your Islamic Name?

A lot of people which includes muslim and non-muslim who met me normally will ask me about my Islam name. The answer which i will always tell is that my name is Ng Kuan Beng. Thus a lot will ask, i thought that is your old name? No addition of bin Abdullah? Here are some of the misunderstood issues which i am going to explain.

Islamic Name

What is Islamic name? Islamic name is a name which contains good meaning and doesn't have the meaning which put partner with Allah (mensyirikkan Allah). It does not matter whether it is a Chinese name, Indian name, Japanese name, Korean name and so on AS LONG AS it contains GOOD MEANING.

Can we retain our name?

Can a person retain their name if they want to become muslim? YES, they can retain their name 100% as this has been practised by some of the close companions of the Prophet Muhammad and the Prophet himself (May Allah peace be upon him). Examples are Muhammad bin Abdullah, Umar al Khattab and Ali bin Abu Talib.