Sunday, January 30, 2011

I realized how weak I am

From time to time,
I realized how weak I am without you O Allah,
sometimes I may have done something wrong without realizing it,
when I realized about it, it is already too late to save the situation,
I tried to apologize to the person several time,
but yet it come to a dead end situation where I don't know what to do,
when at that situation,
I pray for your guidance,
and also so that you may heal the person heart whom I like,
for I realize everything happen according to Your will and not mine,
and it may also be a test from You O Allah to test us on our sincerity towards You.
Please grant us the guidance O Allah that we will be able to understand the one we like more and more,
Even if there is a situation where we may unintentionally hurt them,
Please grant us the wisdom and also guidance to solve it,
for You alone hold the answer to every problems that we face in our life