Friday, December 27, 2013

Fried Soy Beans Steamed Egg

Salam, I'm Mei - as known as Mrs. Ng. (not famous, so no need to intro further, right? hehe...)

This post is imported from my existing blog. My hubby & I decided to combine our blogs into 1 blog only. Main reason is because we do not want to spend too much time on 2 blogs since our blogs' concept are same : sharing & da'wah. (Plus my blog didn't have many posts compare with my hubby's one. It's better to delete mine than his. My interest is more on "to make the blog looks NICE" only. ;P)


My hubby tried his new recipe today : Fried Soy Beans Steamed Egg. It just takes few steps to make it. Very easy. Have a try!

Here are the ingredients:
- 4 eggs
- Water (same amount with the level of egg)
- A small bowl of soy beans
- A little bit of soy sauce

1. Break the eggs into the bowl and beat them.
2. Add boiled water, soy beans and soy sauce into the bowl then mix well.
3. Cover the dish with transparent food wrap.
4. Steam the egg mixture over medium heat for about 10 to 15 minutes.
5. Insert a bamboo stick or spoon into the egg mixture to test if it is cooked.
6. Slice the steamed egg into small pieces then fried them.
7. Ready to serve.

    The outcome (after steam)

    Slice into small pieces

    Take the pieces out from the bowl

    Put them on the plate

    After fried

    After a bite :D

    Alhamdulillah... Very nice taste. A bit sweet. ^.^