Monday, December 30, 2013

The A to Z of Marriage

A ppreciate each other.
B e best buddy and
C ompanions who Compromise. Co-operate and create everlasting bonds.
D iscover new things together.
E ncourage each other for good deeds.
F orgive and forget matters which cause distance.
G aze into each others eyes.
H old hands to work for spreading deen.
I nspire and intrigue each other towards Islam.
J oke and laugh, race each other have fun its sunnah
K eep each other’s secrets.
L ove with all your hearts for the sake of Allah alone.
M arvel at each other's talents it will crush your ego
N uture and nourish each other's soul.
O vercome problems together.
P ray for each other and the ummah too
Q uran your guide and motivator
R emember little things matter a lot
S unnah way of life in every juncture of life
T ake time for muhasibah
U nderstand and care deeply.
V alues and morals from lives of Sahaba to be implemented practically
W onder at the marvels of Allah’s creations together
X –change Islamic greetings
Y earn for pleasing the Creator
Z zzzz less and worship more.