Friday, December 27, 2013

Face it OR Facebook it?

When there are problems among you and your family members, Face it and solve it, not Facebook it

You won't solve it but you will probably create more problems to yourself such as backbiting, false accusation and maybe worsen your relationship. Allah want His servant to face the problem and not run away from them as this world is a test. And all the tests that we face is to strengthen us and to make us to be someone better.

Remember :

"And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to As-Sabirin (the patient ones, etc.). Who, when afflicted with calamity, say: "Truly! To Allah we belong and truly, to Him we shall return." They are those on whom are the Salawat (i.e. blessings, etc.) (i.e. who are blessed and will be forgiven) from their Lord, and (they are those who) receive His Mercy, and it is they who are the guided-ones." (2:155-157)