Friday, December 27, 2013

Do We REALLY Love Islam?

A parents who are proud of their children will normally talk about their children to others.

A salesman who is proud of his product will never hesitate to introduce it to his customer.

We Muslim today claim we love Islam.

  1. What have we done to introduce Islam to others?
  2. How many years have we being a Muslim but how many verses have we convey to others? 
  3. For those who say you don't have much knowledge about dakwah, so what have you done to improve your knowledge to do dakwah? 
  4. After we went for dakwah courses, how many of those knowledge that we actually practice it and convey to others?
  5. Are we ready to answer to Allah if He call us back the next minute?

Solution : Why not we start showing our love towards Islam by sharing at least one verse per day to some of our non-Muslim friends?

Reminder to myself and others.